TROtt Staff

Program Administrator Paula Bernard, EC Coach, CTRSI, CanTRA Examiner
Program Co-ordinator Fiona Kearney, CTRSI, EC English Instructor
Office Administrator Ginette Sheen
Stable Manager Jessica Graham
Instructors Fiona Kearney CTRSI, EC English Instructor
France Laliberté CTRII
Lise Dust CTRAI, EC English Instructor
Paula Rolfe CTRSI, EC Coach, CanTRA Examiner
Tracey Bender CTRII
Anne De Chavannes CTRSI, EC Comp. Coach
CanTRA Instructors in training:
Emily Schinko
Jessica Graham
Amanda Gaudet
Emily Burnett
Consultant Physiotherapists Jacquie Levy BScPT and Wendy Sarsons BScPT,
Special Advisor Lelia Sponsel, Founder of TROtt (1982), CanTRA Coach, Honorary life member of CanTRA (1991)